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A chill, endless breakout-style lava lamp for the Game Boy / Mega Duck inspired by this post: https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@vnglst@hachyderm.io/111828811846394449

Web Emu Controls:

  • A/B: Z/X keys
  • D-Pad: Arrow keys
  • Select/Start: Shift/Enter

Title Screen Controls

If no menu cursors or options are changed for about 1 minute then the game board will auto-start.


  • Continue: Resume the previous game board that was in progress
  • Standard: Start a new game board with the standard, fixed random seed value
  • Random: Start a new game board with a random seed value derived from user button press timing


  • D-Pad: Moves cursor on title screen
  • Start/A/B: Continue or Start
    • B kept held down when starting: Random ball layout instead of grid

Game Board Controls

  • A/B: Return to Title Screen Menu
  • Select:
    • Runs faster while long-pressed
    • Toggles player balls on/off when short-tapped
  • Start: Pause / Un-Pause
  • Left/Right: Increase / Decrease speed
  • Up/Down: Increase / Decrease number of player balls

Save Data

The play field will maintain state after being powered off (save to cart RAM) and can resume or start fresh after being powered on. The game board will be saved when starting, stopping or pausing. Once saved it will maintain state after being powered off (save to cart RAM) and can resume or start fresh after being powered on.


Q: Will the play field ever reach a steady state? A: In order to make the outcome more interesting (and less symmetrical) the angle of a ball gets slightly modified each time it bounces. So it should never really stabilize.

Supported consoles:

  • Game Boy / Game Boy Color (.gb)
  • Analogue Pocket (.pocket)
  • MegaDuck / Cougar Boy (.duck)


Made with GBDK-2020

100% of donations go to support the itch.io platform. (details)

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Published 23 days ago
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Tags8-Bit, analogue-pocket, Breakout, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbdk, mega-duck, Retro
Code licenseGNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
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Very cool!

this is nice


this is really relaxing to look at!

Ha ha yes. Thanks!

I've found myself accidentally watching it for long periods of time. Especially at the slow speeds. :)


we are simple creatures. love this! any thoughts on adding music?

Thanks! There is a version coming with some additional UI and option improvements.

Music would be fun if it was well matched, though I'm not up to the task of making any myself. Maybe once the upgrades are done I'll ask around to see if anyone is interested.

Very cool - look forward to seeing updates.

Definitely get it on the music - maybe a few tracks to choose from made by selected contributors. 

New version up now.