GB-Wordyl Kernewek

Gans bbbbbr

Treylys gans sjd

Hemm yw an keskorrans gwias GB-Wordyl Kernewek (Klon word rag Nintendo Game Boy / Color hag Analogue Pocket)

Kartryjen yw kavadow. Kevren dhe Ferrante Crafts:


  • Statystygyon: Gwaynyow, fallow, kadon ha lesrannans dismyk
  • Nivel kales (dre dhewis)
  • Omlenwel: Bordh an gwari a lenow a lytherennow diskudhys omdhesedh orth an dismyk kyns (dre dhewis)
  • Effeythyow son (dre dhewis)

Y hyllir iskarga an restren kov redya yn unnik hag usya omheveler Game Boy po y hyllir gwari y'n beurell

Botonyow rag Game Boy:

  • START - entra dismyk
  • A - addya lytheren
  • B - dilea lytheren
  • D-PAD - gwaya resell an vysowek
  • SELECT x 3 - diskwedhes rol y'n gwari
  • SELECT + A/B - gwaya resell an bordh

Mappa'n vyoswek rag an keskorrans gwias

  • ENTER - entra dismyk
  • Z - addya lytheren
  • X - dilea lytheren
  • BOTONYOW SETH - gwaya resell an vysowek
  • SHIFT KLEDH x 3 - diskwedhes rol y'n gwari

USB/Bluetooth h.e. Gamepad:

(Omheveler chanjys Game Boy gans skoodhyans rag Gamepad yw an keskorrans ma)

  • Mappa Chrome / Firefox (pan vo gamepad savonek usys)
  • Ken mappa defowt:

    • A ha B = kynsa dew voton
    • START ha SELECT = nessa dew voton

Meur ras bras dhe vbbbbr, Kamm Cam, Niwlen Ster ha Steve Harris

Pennfolen an ragdres: (yn Sowsnek)

GB-Wordyl - Cornish Language Web Build

The main page for this project is at

A Cornish Language word game for the Nintendo Game Boy / Color and Analogue Pocket

Cornish Language Translation credits:


  • Game statistics: Won, Lost, Streak & Win Percentage (since power on)
  • Hard mode and optional Auto-fill of exact matched letters

You can download the ROM file, run in a Gameboy emulator or use the browser version on this page.

  • To run the browser version: Click to start and click again to set focus

Controls on Game Boy Hardware or Keyboard in Browser:

  • Submit guess : START (Enter key)
  • Add/Remove Letter: A/B (Z/X keys)
  • Keyboard Cursor: D-PAD  (Arrow keys)
  • Options Menu: 3 x SELECT (Left Shift) 
  • Move Board Cursor Left: SELECT + B
  • Move Board Cursor Right: SELECT + A
  • Move Keyboard Cursor: ARROW KEYS

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

(This is a modified JS Game Boy emulator with gamepad support)

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available)
  • Default mapping otherwise :
    • A / B = First two buttons
    • Start and Select = Second two buttons

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