GB - Wordyl v0.75

New Release

Freshly optimized, adds quality of life improvements!


  • Dictionary: Fixed answer word selection to use full possible answer list (vs first 211)


  • Added stats (games, wins, losses, streak, least/most/avg to guesses to win)
  • Added cursor for current board guess row
  • Added Options menu (SELECT button)
    • Forfeit Round
    • Reset Stats
    • View Stats
  • Added Keyboard D-Pad movement repeat (hold down)
  • Added board tile flipping animation
  • Added intro splash screen
  • Added Fade in/out


  • Dictionary: Changed to use @arpruss Dictionary compression/de-comression (smaller, faster). Added additional performance and size improvements to those

Files 32 kB
Mar 05, 2022
GBWORDYL_0.75.pocket 32 kB
Mar 05, 2022

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