GB - Wordyl v0.85

New Release: Version 0.85 - Multiple Languages and More!

Languages: The most notable new feature is dictionaries for multiple languages (each language is a separate 32k ROM). A couple of the language versions have translated UI text as well (German, Dutch and Spanish).

If you'd like to contribute a UI language translation you can leave a comment on, open a PR on github, or get in touch on twitter.

Other highlights: Hard mode, optional Auto-fill and a Board letter cursor


  •  Multiple Dictionary Languages
    • Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Español (ES), Français (FR), Italiano (IT), Nederlands (NL), Latin (LA)
    • No words with special chars, just English A-Z letters
    • UI Translation credits:
  • Hard mode (Must use all exact match letters in same location and all wrong-location letters)
  • Welcome intro popup with help and language
  • Moveable Board letter cursor (active letter box is dashed)
    • Move Board Cursor Left: SELECT + B
    • Move Board Cursor Right: SELECT + A
  • Auto-fill exact matched letters from previous guess
    • To Auto-fill: SELECT + START (can be pressed multiple times)
    • Also a global option to automatically fill after each word guess
  • Restored some dictionary words that NYT removed and then re-added
  • Confirm dialog for changing some options


  • In-game menu uses a new key combo  to reduce accidental menu opening when using new cursor keys
    • New way to open in-game menu: 3 x SELECT
  • CGB: Lighten board tiles for non-matched letters
  • CGB: Non-matched letters are red on pink now instead of black on pink for non-matched letters
  • Improved: Better random word selection

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Mar 28, 2022 120 kB
Mar 28, 2022

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Excellent, I've had a great time with this game, for a future update do you think it will be possible to save the stats? it would be perfect with that feature

Glad you've enjoyed it!

Saving the stats is certainly on the list and might be in the next release, along with a couple other things. Not yet sure when that release will be though.

good news, I'll wait then, in the meantime I'll keep playing this version!

Update - Saving of stats is in the new version which should be out in a couple days.


Oh excellent news!