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Tetris for the Mega Duck

This Romhack brings classic Game Boy Tetris to the Mega Duck console (a clone with various changes to make it incompatible with the GB).

This patch does not include the ROM, you must have your own copy of Game Boy Tetris to apply this modification.

The patch is in UPS format. It can be applied using this online patcher (or any other patcher that supports UPS patches) at: https://www.romhacking.net/patch/

Tetris (World) 
SHA-1: 74591CC9501AF93873F9A5D3EB12DA12C0723BBC
CRC32: 46DF91AD


Most of the work for this port was in adapting the Tetris music and sfx driver to accommodate the shuffled APU register addresses and bit values. It’s a modified version of the disassembly by vinheim3.

Running the Game

Playing on console hardware: As with unmodified Tetris this is meant to run on a bare 32K cart with no save RAM and no MBC. For now Inside Gadgets has the only compatible flash cartridge, it can be used with OEM shells or 3D printable cart shells: https://github.com/bbbbbr/megaduck_cartridge_shell.

Playing on console emulators:  At this time all software emulators have slightly incorrect audio for the MegaDuck. The MISTer MegaDuck core is the only hardware re-implementation where audio should generally sound correct.

2-Player Link

With a link port connector adapter it's possible to play 2-player versus Tetris between a Game Boy and a MegaDuck. The link port pinout is the same on the MegaDuck but it has a different connector shape/style so a (handmade) adapter is required.


tetris_megaduck_patch_v1_0.zip 20 kB

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