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Fydo’s Magic Tiles (Game Boy game) patched to run on the Mega Duck

This is a romhack patch of Fydo’s Magic Tiles by ohnotomsutton so that it can run on the Mega Duck clone console. This patch is made available with permission from the author of the game.

Applying the Patch

In order to use this patch you need to first purchase the ROM file.

It should have md5 checksum 119d2364ec0507fbb228d216beac4957 for the current late 2022 version of the ROM, or 053eb22cb5e14218a34a2ac1534deb0d for the 2022-09 version.

Once you have the ROM file you can use the online patcher (or any other patcher that supports UPS patches) at: https://www.romhacking.net/patch/

Running from a Flash Cart

The 32K MegaDuck flash cart by Inside Gadgets can be used to flash and run the patched ROM (using a GBxCart flasher). If you need a cartridge shell a 3D printable design is available.


In addition to what was required for the game to run on the Mega Duck hardware, the following changes were also made:

  • Some things to compensate for the amount of motion blur and lower contrast on the MegaDuck OEM LCD
    • Game cursor is thicker and darker so it shows up better
    • Title screen stars move more slowly and are darker
  • A few Nintendo/Game Boy to Megaduck text changes ;)


If an emulator is used to run the patched game then keep in mind that (at present) all known emulators for the Mega Duck do not emulate the audio hardware correctly and music will not sound right.

Tools Used

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megaduck_patch_fydos_magic_tiles_1.0.zip 16 kB


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At this rate you will have contributed more to the Mega Duck's library than the whole official library.


If someone makes a Mega Duck flash cart with multiple banks (or a cart slot adapter so regular GB flash carts can be used) there will  be a whole lot moorreeeeee. Lots of games larger than 32k that would fun to patch, but not much point in that until there's a way to run them on it.

I have only even learned of this system in the last couple of years but it's pretty amazing that Gameboy games can be ported to it at all.