Petris - A puzzle game of shapely pets for the Game Boy Color (CGB)

Build your favorite pets in all shapes and sizes, keep ahead of dropping pieces and make it to the next level.

There are several game play types to choose from:

  • Long Pet - Complete progressively longer pets to reach the next level
  • Tails Cleanup - Clear all tails off the screen per level
  • Crunch-up - Keep ahead as the screen crunches upward and new pets appear
  • Level Up - Classic level-up style
  • Marathon - For the long distance player

Difficulty levels for all players, from relaxing to full-tilt speed:

  • Easy / Normal / Hard / Expert / Beast

On real hardware and emulators you can play 2-Player link vs mode for any level (Crunch-up recommended).

You can download the ROM file, run the Gameboy emulator in your browser or pick up a physical cartridge at Catskull Electronics.

Note: If the downloadable ROM is run in an emulator instead of on hardware, the intro clouds may flicker unless frame-to-frame / temporal blending is turned on. 

  • Click to start and click again to set focus


  • Start = Enter key
  • L/R/D = Arrow keys 
  • Rotate: = Z,  X

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

(This is a modified JS Game Boy emulator with gamepad support)

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available):
  • Rotate = A, B
  • Show Pet Length = Select Button
  • L/R/D = Use D-Pad
  • Start = Start button
  • Default mapping otherwise :
  • Rotate = First two buttons  
  • Start and Select = Second two buttons



Petris.gbc 32 kB

Development log


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Great puzzle game. Perfect for the platform. Here my post about it on Vintage is The New Old!