To run the Gameboy emulator in your browser: 

  • Click to start and click again to set focus


  • Start = Enter key
  • L/R/U/D = Arrow keys 
  • Jump = Z, Run Faster = X

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

(ps. This is a modified JS Game Boy emulator with gamepad support, happy to share the source code changes required to use a gamepad)

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available):
  • Jump = B, Run faster = A
  • Start = Start button
  • Default mapping otherwise :
  • Jump and Run faster = First two buttons  
  • Start and Select = Second two buttons

A home-brew 2D platformer about Lil' Matchy's adventures. Built for the Game Boy (DMG) and will run on original hardware.

Lil' Matchy the cat hears that the Cat King of the block, Pluto, is on the prowl. Matchy's got a lot to do! Help her complete the day's checklist, including a showdown with Pluto. Can she make it to the end and get a good nap?


Tools used

Install instructions

This game will run in either an emulator, or on gameboy hardware if you have a flash card (such as an Everdrive GB)


Download 64 kB


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A funny, cute, and FUN game

Hi, cool game, great idea!

Can I buy a game on cartridge from you?

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There was only one cartridge ever made and it was a gift to someone, so there aren't any available for sale. You can buy a blank cart from a third party and flash it with the downloadable ROM for yourself though.

It uses MBC1, ROM banks 0,1,2,3 and no RAM banks.

Here is what I used. They can flash the ROM for you if you email it to them. Any of the MBC1 firmwares should be fine, no battery required.

If you do that, I can share cartridge label graphics.